In the spotlight - Marlon Kobacker

By Christine Bell on 15 May 2017 - 10:07pm

For over a decade, Marlon Kobacker has been one of the top names in sustainable energy and design. So as environment and sustainability practitioners, how do we maintain momentum and what's the key to influencing change? Marlon shares some insights...


Given your experience with sustainability, energy, water and waste reduction, what are some of the most effective ways to bring about positive change and action around the world?

Without a doubt, education and raising public awareness are absolutely key. Education on a global scale in a comprehensive, straightforward, easy to understand format will make all the difference. People need to be more aware of the urgency of climate change and it's effects on the entire world. On every one of us. People must be educated and informed not only as to the severity and urgency of the issues, but perhaps more importantly as to the steps that must be taken to address and improve these issues.


What drives you and makes you so passionate about these issues?

I am passionate about saving our planet, about making sure that future generations have a clean, healthy, environment and that they are well-educated on the topics of sustainability, green energy, renewable resources and economic responsibility where the subject of energy is concerned. It is my business, yes, but it is also very much a cause that I believe in and support wholly. That takes precedence over any amount of financial or material gain. After all how important, how enjoyable, would it be to be wealthy in a world that is slowly - or maybe not so slowly - dying all around you?


Are there any green tech projects involving sustainable practices that you feel are especially promising going forward?

Actually, there are a few projects that I think will definitely bring about innovations which will benefit global society. This is especially true of projects that fully utilize passive design opportunities. These projects are incorporating strategies that are both already in practice as well as new ideas that implement tried-and-true components combined with new, updated ideas which are sure to further the cause.


Was there ever a point in time when you got discouraged or felt like educating the masses was too monumental a task?

When you believe in something the way that I believe in these causes, the way I always have believed in them, sustainable energy development and implementation, solar and green energy, reducing the amount of energy and water that is wasted worldwide, and the preservation and renewal of our natural resources, you don't let doubts or negativity or the naysayers get in your way. I have always had an avid interest in these subjects, for as long as I can remember. When something is that deeply embedded in your heart and in your mind, you don;t really see obstacles; you simply form a plan of action and move forward. You stay focused. You keep your eyes on the prize. When that prize is the health and longevity of the planet we live on, the air we breathe, the water we drink, then you don't let yourself get weighed down with doubts. I have always believed in myself and the people, the organizations I work with, who all share a common vision and cause.


What is the best advice you have for anyone who wants to improve environment and sustainability outcomes?

EDUCATE! ENLIGHTEN! ACT! Everyone can do something. And if you should find that you share a passion for nursing our planet back to health and helping to find new ways to create and sustain clean energy and resources, join the cause and lead the way to a better future for mankind.


About Marlon Kobacker...

Marlon heads the sustainable advisory business Clean Energy Corporation Australia (CECA). His keen focus and attention to even the most minute of details makes him a highly respected leader within the world of sustainable energy and design.

Marlon is a graduate of the prestigious University of New South Wales, where he earned his degree as Master of the Built Environment/Sustainable design. Upon completing his postgraduate work, he then held a position as an instructor at the university. He even developed a course on Solar Architectural Technologies, which became part of the institution's regular curriculum.

Upon leaving the university, Marlon pursued a career as a professional consultant, focusing on clean energy finance and sustainable development. He holds several critical certifications and accreditations within the industry.

Find out more about Marlon here.

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