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by Christine Bell

Our environmental issues are often best solved by working working together to consider diverse perspectives and innovative new ideas. But collaboration takes time and just where do we find that sort of help?

by Christine Bell

The National Restoration Standards have been designed to encourage all restoration and rehabilitation projects in Australia to reach their highest potential.

Sustainability , Biodiversity , Land management

by Belinda Callanan

After a day out in the field, what do you do with the weed seeds you find on your clothing? Do you simply brush them off and leave them where you found them? Perhaps you put them in the bin? Or do you just send them through the wash!?!

Land management

by Christine Bell

Following the UNAA World Environment Day Awards ceremony on the 6th June 2016, we spoke with the United Nations Association of Australia (Victorian Division), about what the Awards mean for those working hard for the environment.

by Christine Bell

Awards are a great opportunity to recognise and reward your initiatives. Yet we can often let the opportunity pass us by. Here are six good reasons to invest a little time and energy and grab your next award opportunity with both hands!

by Ian Rankine

Algal blooms are an expensive and recurring environmental hazard. A new process uses diatoms to deal with the problem cost-effectively.


by Belinda Callanan

Many environmental projects rely on herbicides to manage weed growth as part of larger land management objectives. However herbicides are hazardous chemicals and risks need to be carefully managed.

Water , Waterways , Biodiversity , Land management

by Christine Bell

Are you passionate about environmental projects in Australia? Share your experiences with Australia's environmental projects community. And inspire better environmental outcomes! Find out more here...

by Christine Bell

A new knowledge hub is highlighting the positive environmental work happening across Australia...

by Belinda Callanan

Preventing weed seed spread is one of the most effective forms of weed control. However, once an infestation has become established on your property, you’ve got a number of control options…

Land management

by Neil Taylor

Ever had a good project idea but you're just not sure how to get it off the ground? A little ideation can help...

Warwick, Queensland
Gold Coast, Queensland
Mullumbimby , New South Wales
Brisbane, Queensland

by Jessica Miller

Jessica Miller, an experienced environmental practitioner and current Researcher (Master of Philosophy) at the University of Queensland, tells us why she loves being involved in a wide range of environmental projects and what her current role involves...

Sustainability , Climate change , Biodiversity , Energy , Land management

by Christine Bell

Catfish shows us how her passion for design thinking helps to bring about positive change in life and at work.

Photo credit: Liz Harlin
by Jennifer Loder

As long as I can remember, nature has inspired me to be curious, grateful and compassionate. I feel a sense of responsibility to give something back. I now do that through my roles with ReefCheck Australia and Great Barrier Reef Citizen Science Alliance.

Sustainability , Marine areas

Gold Coast, Queensland

by Jessica Miller

Jessica Miller, an experienced environmental practitioner and current Researcher (Master of Philosophy) at the University of Queensland, tells us why she loves being involved in a wide range of environmental projects and what her current role involves...

Sustainability , Climate change , Biodiversity , Energy , Land management

by Derek Johnson

Derek Johnson tells us why he continues to battle the many challenges of remote field work to complete vegetation surveys and assessments.


by Jeanette Martin

Jeannette Martin, President of Mullum SEED, and proud champion of community gardens and local sustainability projects, shares a little of her story with us...


Melbourne, Victoria
Mullumbimby, New South Wales

by Frank Ondrus

Frank Ondrus, President of HOPE Australia, tells us about what he's doing to protect the environment.

by Nick Lawler

We talk with Stanwell Corporation's Nick Lawler, about his role in land management and supporting local environmental projects.

Land management

Mullum SEED provides a Food for All program, growing fresh organic produce in communal garden beds for people in need. We also provide permaculture training, run a seed saving program and recycle local food wastes. If you can help to support our community garden, please get in touch.

Project Stage - Current
Living in the suburbs of Melbourne, it’s tempting to think of the environment as something that exists “out there”, beyond the city. So what can people living on a block of land in a typical housing subdivision do to improve the environment?

Project Stage - Current
We are seeking suggestions, advice and research on potential on-use options for mixed plastics. We are also keen to work with collaborators to trial potential solutions.

Project Stage - Planned

Reef Check Australia citizen scientists visit survey sites annually, recording a snapshot of what is happening on that reef to create long-term trend information that identify changes in reef health to share with the community.

Project Stage - Current
The Jim Donald Parklands Integrated Stormwater System project is a truly unique, creative, innovative and sustainable demonstration of best practice stormwater management within an urban environment. The project comprises a multi-functional asset that provides flood mitigation, stormwater quality improvement, stormwater harvesting, new irrigated sports fields and open space integration within the surrounding area.

Project Stage - Completed


Closes - Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Society for Ecological Restoration Australasia Inaugural Awards



The Queensland government grants program seeks to support on-ground environmental activities. There are four funding streams available:

  • Conservation
  • Urban wild spaces pilot projects
  • Heritage
  • Research

There are two types of grants available:

Queensland Australia

Sustainability , Waterways , Biodiversity


When - Thursday 20 October 2016

The NATIVE GRASSES: ENHANCING ESTABLISHMENT FORUM will be hosted by the City of Salisbury with support from Native Grass Resources Group and attended by expert biodiversity officers, grassland practitioners, landowners, researchers and ecologists from around Australia, whose aim is to establish,

Land management


Closes - Friday, December 30, 2016

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Anywhere in Australia

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Expected Renewal Date - Monday, January 22, 2018

The scope of the services includes, but is not limited to the following:

Redland City Council , Australia

Waste , Biodiversity , Land management


Closes - Friday, September 30, 2016

Care for Hedland are currently seeking motivated people to volunteer as part of our Turtle Monitoring Program from early November 2016 to late January 2017.

Port Hedland , Western Australia Australia